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     Cyber Sentinel 3.0 software is the best and most advanced way to protect your  family on the Internet.  Finally, you can prevent access to inappropriate sites, limit the amount of time your children spend online, prevent them from revealing private information via email or IM, and generally control their entire Internet experience!   trading binary options

     Older Internet filtering programs did not work well - they blocked too much and did not have enough flexibility.  Cyber Sentinel software is proud to say we are the most advanced and flexible product - with a promise that this product will NOT slow down your computer in ANY way.

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Cyber Sentinel 3.0 Product Details

You can't always be there...

Cyber Sentinel v2.0 is the most advanced Internet filtering software package available today. As parents, we cannot be present to continuously monitor a users computer activity. The software was designed with this in mind and it provides a unique proactive model for analyzing, monitoring, filtering, and blocking undesirable, predatory, and sexually explicit computer traffic.

It will work with web sites, email, chat, IM, AOL and more...

Cyber Sentinel is the only filtering package on the market today that gives you protection where and when you need it. It does not matter what web browser, email program, newsgroup reader, or whatever a person is using to access the Internet- Cyber Sentinel will get it. This includes filtering Kazaa and Morpheus, so children cannot download songs or videos with offensive words in the title. Cyber Sentinel includes Predator Guard Technology, which was developed in conjunction with a police predator expert. Cyber Sentinel puts the power of decision in the hands of the parents on what is appropriate content and usage. AOL Parental Controls aren't enough...these days, kids use their friend's accounts or guest accounts! binary trading options

Cyber Sentinel captures the screen upon a violation, so you know every detail...

In addition to blocking objectionable material Cyber Sentinel also has the ability to capture the screen when questionable material is accessed. This data is stored in Cyber Sentinel's capture database. When a screen capture is taken Cyber Sentinel has the ability to e-mail you with information about the screen capture such as: the date, the time, and the user name of who accessed the material. Think about it, no matter where you are you can be notified of inappropriate computer usage. Cyber Sentinel also has built-in time management so you can control during what hours users have access to the world wide web, e-mail, newsgroups and more! If you have a user that is abusing Internet privileges, then Cyber Sentinel can help.

Software4Parents Note:  If your main objective is to monitor/track email, chat, instant messages, etc, this is NOT the best product.  Cyber Sentinel  is more of a filtering/blocking product, and you should look at the monitoring software comparison chart.

Restrict Internet time so homework and chores get done...

This is Cyber Sentinel's time
management console. Click for larger image.

Cyber Sentinel does not require periodic downloads or updates to stay effective, so don't continue to pay more and get less. Also, free live 800 phone support is included. And best of all, you can buy and download it...right now! It will take only 20 minutes stock options trading philippines

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