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Anti Pornography Resources


 Victims of Pornography
 Debunks all the drivel of the "pornography is harmless" crowd.

 Enough is Enough
 Wonderful anti-pornography organization.

 Abortion TV
 Excellent abortion resource. Shows the HORROR of abortion. If you are young or sensitive, this page is not for you.

 Concerned Women for America
 Excellent CONSERVATIVE, pro-life, ANTI-feminist women's group.

 Women's Christian Temperance Union
 A wonderful group of traditional Conservative women who are leading the fight for the return of Prohibition to the United States of America.

 John Hagee Ministries
 America's greatest television preacher. He also has a global Christian network

 Jerry Falwell Ministries
 Also a great television preacher. He is also a vocal and outspoken anti-pornography and anti-homosexuality crusader in the United States.

 Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
 The BEST cable television channel in America!

 Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)
Pat Robertson's broadcasting company, and home to The 700 Club.

 Christian Coalition of America
 The CC is an organization of Christian individuals seeking to change America for the better and we are for bringing back traditional values to the forefront of political life today.

 Dr. Laura Schlessinger
The BEST radio and television talk-show host of our time.

 Republican Party
 The GOP is THE major political party standing up for America's defense and traditional values.

Citizens for Community Values

National Law Center for Children and Families

American Family Association

National Campaign to Stop Pornography

Morality in Media

American Decency Association

Stock Watch



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