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Cyber Sentinel 2.0
Internet Safety Resources



Invisible Keylogger Software
Reviews of keystroke recorders to monitor whats going on at home, work, and with the family

Spy PatrolR - Internet Spy Software
SpyPatrolR offers internet monitoring spy software, parental control, remote administration, and Computer Monitoring and Surveillance Solutions.

Child safety and parenting at Kid Safe, Safety reports, reviews, products, articles, safe books.
Kid Safe provides child safety and parenting resources about kids and teenagers, offering free child safety reports, and safety products that parents can use to better protect their family.

Cyber Criminals Most Wanted - The First One-Stop Cybercrime Awareness, Prevention, and Safety Website!
Cybercrime Awareness, Prevention, and Safety including cyberterrorism, viruses, security, hoaxes, fraud, hackers, cyberstalking, identity theft, internet privacy, and more. Suitable for each and every family member and employee.
Email Spy - Email Monitoring Software - Advanced Email Spy Software.
Email Spy Software - Home Email Spy software.

Family s Choice Internet Filtered Internet Access
Family Safe ISP, Filtered access from $13.95/month

Free Game Downloads - Dexterity Software
Dexterity Software: Free game downloads of award-winning puzzle games, strategy games, and arcade games. Cure your boredom in 5 minutes or less -- guaranteed!

GetnetWise | You re one click away
GetnetWise | You re one click away

Guiding Children Through Cyberspace -- URLs
Guiding Children Through Cyberspace -- URLs

I Am Big Brother Internet Software and Spyware
I Am BigBrother Internet Software and Spyware: award winning parental software IamBigBrother software

ICRA ratings definition page
ICRA ratings definition page

International Child Center
ICC is the Internet's world-central bank of child protection information and resource services.

Internet Filters - Parental Control Software Reviews 2003
2003 reviews of Top 10 Internet Filtering software and Parental Control software for families. Includes Net Nanny, CyberSitter, Cyber Patrol, and ContentProtect. Determine the best family solution for controlling content from the Internet

Internet Safety Watch - Internet Safety Awareness Promotion. Making the Internet a Safer Place
Internet Safety Watch, a non profit organization promotes Internet Safety awareness through its program.

INTERNET SAFETY-How To Make Sure The Internet Is Safe For Your Children
Suggestions & Sites To Make the Internet Safe For Your Child

Internet Spy Software for Parental and Business Control -
Spy software with parental controls and remote business monitoring software.

KeyLogger and Spy Software
KeyLogger and spy software : includes keystroke recorder and screen capture programs. Download and try our keylogger and spy software now !

KID SAFETY on the INTERNET - The Police Notebook
The Police Notebook - Law Enforcement Internet site to promote safety and crime prevention information.

KiddoNet- Fun, Safe Internet for kids
KiddoNet is the place to be to make your own home page, create comics, get your own Email, send funny greetings, solve ancient mysteries, be a graffiti artist, and more!

KidShield - Protecting Children on the Internet: Information on child safety, Internet regulations, safety steps, NetScrubber, netscrubber, SafetyNet, cyberpatrol, cybersitter, surfwatch, x-stop, cybersentenial, Internet glossary, links for kids, pol
KidShield - Protecting children on the Internet: Rules and tools for online child safety, information on SafetyNet by Zachary Britton, and NetScrubber

KIKS - Online education About Internet Safety for Children - Keeping Internet Kids Safe
KIKS - Keeping internet kids safe by providing online education to parents to gain Internet safety for our children

Net Nanny Home Page
Net Nanny Home Page

Online Guardians™ - Because online safety is not a game.
Online Guardians - because Online Safety is not a game Online Guardians provides free online help information, including but not limited to, mirc,irc,cyberstalking,pornography,viruses,cybercrime,

Parental Controls & Internet Child Safety - Protect Kids
Provides cases, statistics, and solutions for parental control and child safety on the Internet.
Award Winning Computer Privacy and Internet Security Software and Solutions for Home and Small Office Protection

Perfect Keylogger, Smart Type Assistant, Personal Antispy, Instant Source
BlazingTools Software. The Best time-saving utilities!

Privacy Inspector--Privacy and security software to erase or hide unwanted tracks left on the computer
Privacy Inspector is a program to to clean up the history of your activities on a computer and protect your privacy online.

ProtectOurKids Ltd.
Protect Our Kids

RSACi rating system definition page
RSACi rating system definition page

Safe Surfin
Safe Surfin

SafeKids.Com Home Page
SafeKids.Com Home Page!! - browse and search the web safely has search engine optimization articles that will improve search engine placement and search engine rankings. is a Chicago-based optimization firm that also offers search engine positioning services.

Spector and eBlaster Spy Software - Internet Monitoring Software
SpectorSoft Internet monitoring spy software. Spector records all web sites visted, all keystrokes typed, all incoming and outgoing e-mails. As frequently as once per second, Spector secretly takes a snapshot of your computers screen, and allows for easy, VCR-like playback. Spector is ideal for parents concerned about what their children do on the Internet and for employers concerned about loss of productivity due to recreational use of the Internet on company time. Spector has also become very popular the wife or husband who suspects their spouse of cheating online. With Spector, you SEE EXACTLY what someone else was doing on the Internet. eBlaster records all keystrokes typed, all web sites visited, and records BOTH sides of AOL chat conversations, AOL instant messages, and ICQ chat conversations. eBlaster then e-mails this recorded information to the e-mail address you specify, so that you can know what your wife, husband,children and employees are doing, even if you are thousands of miles away.

Spy Software - PC Computer Spying Software Reviews and Downloads
Spy Software Reviews. Review and upload the best pc spy software. Free downloads available!

Spy Software - Remote Computer Monitoring - Surveillance
Spy software monitors spouses, children, coworkers or anyone. Remote computer monitoring, installation, and web based surveillance with administration.

Spy Tools Software - Detective programs and Investigation software
Professional detective software needed for any private investigation. Find FBI Files, unlisted phone numbers, criminal records, and perform background checks with spy tools software. Spy Cameras & Surveillance Equipment Spy Cameras & Surveillance Equipment

SuperCool Zip Backup: Data backup software and file synchronization utility
SuperCool Zip Backup software is a data backup,restore and file synchronization program. You can use any drive in system to store the backup files in standard Zip format that can be transferred to remote machine by FTP or Email. It can also compare and synchronize files or folders.

Surfing the Net with Kids: Guide to the BEST KID SITES for kids of all ages
The best of the Web for kids, reviewed by nationally syndicated newspaper columnist Barbara J. Feldman. Each weekly column ?eatures five fabulous Web sites on topics as diverse as Gargoyles, Monarch Butterflies and Stock Market Simulations. - Family Friendly Search Engine
Family friendly web directory open only to PICS rated sites. Internet safety by informed content selection using free parental controls.

The Internet Filter Assessment Project

The Internet Safety Group - The web site of the Internet Safety Group, a government supported entity committed to keeping our kids safe on the Net. There is information for kids, parents and schools and the Internet Safety Kit is available for download.

The NetSmartz Workshop - teaching children what to watch out for online with fun, interactive games and activities. Online resource with interactive activites and games teaching children, teens, parents & educators safety on the Internet. Fun safe internet links for kids to Learn about Wizzywigs, Webville outlaws, and internet safety rules.

Anti spam filter / personal firewall software
Clearview Systems - UK Internet and Network Security Specialists

Web Wise Kids - Provides Internet Safety program for Adults & Children
A non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring child internet safety by giving tips and advice to parents and children on how to protect themselves from online predators and pedophiles.

Welcome to KEYEYE
Welcome to KEYEYE

Welcome to Operation Blue Ridge Thunder!
Operation Blue Ridge Thunder Crimes Against Children Task Force -- Fighting Child Pornography and other forms of Child Exploitation. Operation Blue Ridge Thunder Crimes Against Children Task Force -- Fighting Child Pornography and other forms of Child Exploitation.

Welcome to!
Welcome to!

Welcome To WiredKids, Online Safety For Kids and Teens!
WiredKids - the Ultimate Online Safety Project Dedicated to Children and Teens is a division of WiredPatrol. Online Safety For Kids and Teens!
Anti Keylogger, Spy Software - Security Software.

Best Spyware - Spy Software, Personal Detective Software, and People Search
Spyware and personal detective pc spy software, employee background check, personal background check

Censor Cop
Internet Filtering Software

CyberPatrol - Internet Filtering Software
CyberPatrol is web filtering software used to manage internet access and block access to internet sites that parents deem inappropriate.

Employee Internet Monitor - Network Spy Software
Network monitoring surveillance spyware which secretly records all computer and Internet activities on all PC units in your network. Complete corporate spy software

Family Internet Safety
Internet Filter software and resources to provide a safe, enjoyable internet experience

internet predators, spy software, cheating spouse, protect children, child safety, KoloSoft™
KoloSoft Intruder - Invisible easy-to-use surveillance tool that records every keystroke and logs all applications, Internet and Email activity.

Internet Safety
Safe and Appropriate Use of The Internet

Internet Spy Software
Internet spy software allows you to spy on your employees at work and family at home.

KeyLog Pro - Spy Software and Internet Monitoring Program
KEYLOG PRO is the Internet and PC Activity recorder. It records all sites visted, all keystrokes typed, all incoming and outgoing e-mails. It is ideal for parents concerned about what their children do on the Internet.

Net Spy Software - PC and Mac spyware for remote online internet monitoring
Spy software for PC and Mac system online remote internet monitoring.

PC Spy Software Web Monitor-Personal Detective Software For Internet Monitoring And Government Internet Traffic Monitoring
Personal detective pc spy software for internet monitoring online detective investigator and government internet traffic monitoring

Spy Software | Computer Monitoring Software | Free Activity Monitor 2002 and Activity Logger download trial version for PC | Internet spy software
Spy software and Computer Monitoring software for recording activity on remote or local PC. Best for Employee Monitoring, Parental control or Detective purposes. Includes Keylogger, Internet monitoring, Screen recorder and other Surveillance Spyware tools.

Spy Software Spyware - Spy Software for remote online internet monitoring and background check detective software
Spy software for PC and Mac systems online remote internet monitoring and background check detective software.

SurfControl - Web and E-mail Filtering Software
The World's #1 Web and E-mail Filtering Company



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